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BCRW is committed to preserving space for Rohingya to worship and practice religious duties freely.

Our Community Center houses Masjid Al-Taqwa and is open for community members.

To collaborate, volunteer, or support these courses, please contact us


We provide dynamic support to connect Rohingya with medical health resources in Milwaukee. Our work has been supported by grants in partnership with the Milwaukee Department of Health.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we provided transportation, vaccination drives, and health content in Rohingya language which increased vaccination confidence and allowed us to execute information campaigns.

We advocate for mental health by hosting forums and referring Rohingya to local professionals.

Please find our Rohingya and Burmese language health content here.


We facilitate Rohingya learning and development by collaborating with our partners (UW Milwaukee, Sesame Street, Books Unbound, DynEd, and others) to support remote and traditional education.

For Children: After school and summer programs for children ages 5-18 include tutoring, arts, technology, and media. We also host indoor soccer, volleyball, and other recreational activities.

For Adults: We provide relevant opportunities such as ESL and basic literacy tutoring, US citizenship training, community presentations, and professional training sessions.


Interpretation and translation are at the core of the services we provide to the Rohingya community. We formed BRCW intending to assist in handling various interpretation needs.
We support Rohingya through interpretation in many ways. We’ve helped with green cards, citizenship applications, driver’s license forms, social service registration for healthcare and food share, Supplementary Service Income applications, home purchase documents, job searches and applications, and others.
We also create our own relevant Rohingya and Burmese language content.


We accept donations of many kinds. Culturally appropriate food, household items, school supplies, office supplies and computers, clothing, winter gear and furniture are examples of what we have received and distributed in the past. To donate, click here.

Community leaders are very active during holidays and religious events. During these times, food is regularly distributed throughout the community as they hold cultural and religious significance.

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