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We serve Rohingya people everywhere by empowering Rohingya voices here in Milwaukee. We offer vital services to Rohingya families and provide development resources to assist our members with their aspirations. We interpret, create vital Rohingya language content, and assist this community as they navigate linguistic, cultural, and technological barriers.

We educate by providing verified, credible, timely information for Rohingya people. We arrange classes, tutoring, and remote learning opportunities for our members. Over the past few years, we provided ESL classes, software, laptops, and headsets for children and adult learners. We host and participate in training sessions and create informational videos on a variety of relevant subjects.

We build community by helping our friends and neighbors with their resettlement. We respond to a variety of needs the community faces. We offer gathering space at our community center where we hold a variety of events including religious services, donation distribution, job assistance. We also show up to help families move, we facilitate home buying, and we assist them with residency and citizenship requirements.

Our Leadership Team

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Andrew Trumbull

Co-founder, Administrative Director

Andrew has worked alongside Anuwar during the creation of BRCW. A dedicated public servant, Andrew uses his experience in education, technical support, and community organization to lead English programs, fundraising activities, social media efforts, and fulfilling administrative duties.

Anuwar Kasim

Founder & Executive Director

Anuwar is the figurehead of BRCW. A resettled Rohingya refugee, Anuwar is involved in every aspect of management and leadership. As a career interpreter, he has been serving Rohingya people for decades. Through his nonprofit, Anuwar aims to empower Rohingya by assisting in many forms. He is committed to building community, partnership, and developing systems of service to care for his people.

man in red button up shirt
Sadiq Hamed

Founding Member, Executive Council Chair

Bio coming Soon

Thinghi Zaw

Director of Women’s Programs and Cultural Affairs

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